We’ve always prided ourselves on creative use of the products in action on the show, not just commercials.We provide product testing, demonstrations and successful use in a wide variety of circumstances. Viewers want to know your product is useful in the field, That's why we choose companies and products that we believe in, We don’t want compromise our integrity by using products that don’t work and thus, you get the utmost attention and valuable create assets to maximize exposure. Elkhorn Productions will be an excellent partnership to help market your products and increase the number of sales.

We offer a variety of partnership packages: Product ambassadors providing content for Facebook and Instagram and demonstration videos for YouTube.  Television partnerships with a variety of levels from segment sponsors, commercial sponsors and a title sponsor.  Our Television packages will also come with aggressive branding in show content and social media outlets i.e., Facebook and Instagram though creative pictures, clever captions and links (#, @) to your company. 

Please contact our partnership development manager for options and pricing.

Jerimiah Haughee


(512) 213-8398